Patients & Families

Welcome to the Limb Reconstruction Patient Support Service page for Patients & Families. My focus is to provide an holistic approach to your Leg Lengthening & Reconstruction journey by providing:

  • Ongoing professional nursing support
  • Education on 'life in frame' or with a lengthening nail / prosthesis
  • Coordination of your care with your Specialist

This service is important throughout each stage of your journey whether you require lengthening, a joint replacement, deformity correction or osseointegration and I am here to help you:

  • 24/7 - face to face, by phone, text, email or telehealth
  • As a single port of contact for effeciency and continuity
  • As a direct link to your Specialist

This enables you and your loved ones to navigate your lengthening & reconstruction journey in a supported, controlled and timely manner promoting independence in self care on your journey to recovery.