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Your Limb, Your Life, My Support

Limb (Leg) Lengthening & Reconstruction can be a life and limb changing journey for the patient and their loved ones. The magnitude of this 'journey' should never be taken lightly and therefore, never walked alone. 

My focus is to provide an holistic approach to your Leg Lengthening & Reconstruction journey by providing:

  • Ongoing professional nursing support;
  • Education on 'life in frame' or with a lengthening nail / prosthesis; and
  • Coordination of your care with your Specialist.

These services are important throughout each stage of your journey whether you require lengthening, a joint replacement, deformity correction or osseointegration.

I am here to help you:

  • 24/7 - by phone, email or Skype;
  • As a single port of contact; and
  • As a direct link to your Specialist.

This enables you and your loved ones to navigate your lengthening & reconstruction journey in a supported, convenient and timely manner. This in turn promotes independence in self care and enhances wellbeing on your way to recovery. 

My Profile

I am an Irish born, English trained, Registered Nurse with expertise specifically in Leg Lengthening & Reconstruction. 

Currently, I am the only Limb Reconstruction Nurse in Australia with knowledge and experience in nursing both adults and children under going Leg Lengthening & Reconstruction.

I have over 17 years experience in providing the support and coordination of care required specifically by patients and their families undergoing leg lengthening & reconstruction for major orthopaedic conditions due to trauma, infection, cancer, deformity or short stature.

My nursing career in leg lengthening & reconstruction has taken me from Dublin to London, USA, Dubai, Brisbane and Sydney, working alongside Foot & Ankle, Leg Lengthening and Reconstruction Specialists worldwide.

I am an associate member of the Australian and British Limb (leg) Lengthening & Reconstruction Societies (ALLARS & BLRS) and have been instrumental in the development of three Leg Lengthening & Reconstruction Services through out my career, in Dublin, Ireland, Brisbane, Qld and here in Sydney, Australia.

I am currently studying my Masters in Nurse Practitioner to obtain a provider number for patient rebate of my service fees.  My main referral basis is from Orthopaedic Consultants Australia wide, working within the speciality of Leg Lengthening and Reconstruction. 

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey.



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